Crusado Orchestra 十室樂隊
Symphonic Black Metal

Crusado Orchestra is a symphonic metal band founded in 2013 that originally originated from a music project by composer Xu Chenxi. We draw inspiration from literature, painting and video art to create music and try to present the elements of drama in metal music.

The band has been in the creative state for three years, and will release the band's first concept album, The Seven Theories, in the spring of 2017. At the same time, we are active on the stage of the major Livehouses in Shanghai and have performed with bands such as Blackbird, Devilish Impressions, and Silent Elegy.

"Seven Theories" is a concept album produced by the band that has been combined with black metal, avant-garde metal and symphony for three years.

Most of the music arranges the film/game soundtrack mode, paying attention to the structure and overall atmosphere of the music in the music, and constructing the extreme metal form with the symphony as the feature we try to present. On the orchestra, we use the expression of black metal and death metal as the core frame, and we use the orchestral instrument as the cushion.

In terms of symphony, our motivations and restorations include Shostakovich, Bach and Beethoven. The metal is mainly inspired by Spectic Flesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth and other bands.

In terms of music concept, the theme of this album is from English Bergman's classic film "The Seventh Seal". The album is divided into three scenes, with the story of the Knights of the film and the clown Joseph in the movie and the European medieval Black Death. The eruption is a clue to the introduction of human and death, the dialogue of God. After this appearance, we incorporated many Western mystic concepts into the creation of the lyrics, criticizing the Catholic Church and the material universe.

Crusado Orchestra will perform their live show in Hong Kong for the first time. There will be proudly supported by 3 Hong Kong local indie bands:

CHIMERAS - Symphonic Doom Metal

CHIMERAS, a creature from Greek mythology, was once adored by the king. However the nature made her unwilling to live as a pet and to please the king, then she run away, nobody could stop her. The term "chimeras" has come to describe something perceived as widely imaginative and delusion. Just as music is intertwined between reality and fantasy, contend against the impossibility. CHIMERAS is a doom metal band found in 2013. The slow but driving force of the underlying guitar riffs combined with atmospheric tone of keyboards created wall of sound shrouded in silence and melancholy. Mourning female voice and growling tells each breathing story which weigh deeply on the heart by piercing the consciousness and emotions. In 2014 winter, CHIMERAS first performed as a supporting band for the Australian death metal band Orpheus Omega Archways Across Asia Live in Hong Kong. Consolidated by the sheer passion to the local band scene, CHIMERAS jointly presented a female voices dark music series "THE VOICE OF SIRENS I : Waves of Sin" and "THE VOICE OF SIRENS II : Paradise Lost", with Ancient Spirit, famous gothic metal band from Hong Kong. Went through years of changing, CHIMERAS shaped their own character they are today. In 2018, the first demo CD "Reality is merely an illusion" released and embarking on spreading their music to other places out from Hong Kong.

鬼川 - Doom Black Metal

Doom/Black metal band from Hong Kong, formed in 2018. Band is currently writing songs for their debut album for release somewhere in 2019.

CUESTA - Alternative Metal

Emotions are just as difficult to explain. Sometimes, words and words may not be able to describe the emotion, and different tones may even distort the meaning of the whole sentence. Therefore, Questa's music has both a strong and straightforward personality and a pliable feeling.


Crusado Orchestra - Live in Hong Kong


Date: November 3rd, 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 7:30pm - 11pm
Venue: MOM Livehouse, B39, Seven Seas Shopping Centre, 117-121 Kings Road, North Point (Fortress Hill MTR Station Exit A)

Proudly supported by:
· CHIMERAS - Symphonic Doom Metal
· 鬼川 - Doom Black Metal
· CUESTA - Alternative Metal


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