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Starhenge in A Suitcase
Flat A, Floor 21, Lee Fund Centre, Lee Fund Centre, 31 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Hong Kong
18 March 2017 - 19 March 2017
Starhenge in A Suitcase
18 March 2017 - 19 March 2017
Organized by Red Door Studio
Workshop or Training Course LifeStyle

Saturday March 18 - Sunday March 19

0930 - 1700 both days

Ancient cultures have a tradition of building sacred sites. The most famous is Stonehenge in the UK, a circle of sacred stones built by an ancient culture aligned to the planets for the purpose of ceremony, celebration and divination. We now have a modern equivalent.
Since 1984 Don Conreaux has been developing a template for sacred gardens. Currently there are over 10 built in both North America and Europe. These energy grids cross borders by interlinking the astrological systems and symbolism of numerous cultures. The gardens can also be used as world maps, for divinations, celebrations and to recognise equinoxes. His dream is the entire earth interconnected with these sacred spaces bringing people together to foster world peace. Martha has been working with Don to finalise the teaching aids and workbooks for the gardens over the last year and this will be the first time the revised materials are presented to the public.

So come along and join the growing network of Starhenge owners and builders. If you have an interest in mandalas, labyrinths or sacred geometry you will want to learn about these too.

You will leave with an understanding of the history of the garden, knowledge of how to make your own and know how to use them for a number of purposes plus you will receive a certificate of accomplishment inviting you to join the growing network of Starhenge builders.

Flat A, Floor 21, Lee Fund Centre, Lee Fund Centre, 31 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Hong Kong
Saturday 18 March 2017 9:30am - Sunday 19 March 2017 5:00pm  GMT+08:00
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