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Ayurveda Yoga Class Wed evening & Sun morning
Tin On Sing Commercial Building, 41-43 Graham Street, Central
23 May 2018 - 13 June 2018
Ayurveda Yoga Class Wed evening & Sun morning
23 May 2018 - 13 June 2018
Organized by Water Lily Yoga Project 2017
Workshop or Training Course Sport & Fitness

This season we practice de-heating and grounding according to Ayurveda. We want to pacify excessive Pitta dosha (fire + water) & Vatta dosha (Ether + Air) in our body. 

Class flow normally consist of not limited to: (depending on the climate, temperature, your body conditions and moon cycle) 

Pitta Vata focused moves (Wed class) > twist, stretch, legs work and circulation, chi flowy movement (similar to Tai Chi) 
Vata Kapha focused moves (Sun class) > Vinyasa, chi flowy movement, inversion, heart opening poses
10 Minute Meditation: anapana meditation techniques > observe breathing (1st phase of Vipassana meditation) 

***Free angel card reading after class on Sunday morning! 

This is an unique Yoga class you don't get to experience in other places because we move with 5 elements according to Ayurveda. 

Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each move we do has its property. We practice Yoga to prepare for meditation at the end of each class. 

About instructor- April: 

Qualifications: 200Hrs Ayurvedic Holistic Yoga Therapist Ayurveda Yoga Level 1, 2, 3, Reiki 1 & 2 Thai Body Work (Massage) Level 1,2,3, Vipassana 10 Day completed meditator

Walk-in: $200 each class; 

Early Bird $160 offer 

Trial (first timer): $130 

Bring: your water and an open mind Any questions, please contact us at or send a message first

Do look forward to sharing this amazing practice with you!


Tin On Sing Commercial Building, 41-43 Graham Street, Central
Wednesday 23 May 2018 7:15pm - Wednesday 13 June 2018 8:15pm  GMT+08:00
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