2018 年 3 月 18 日 7:30pm - 11:00pm
2018 年 3 月 18 日 7:30pm - 11:00pm
演唱會或表演 音樂

Synergy "Laika" Album Release Show

<活動詳情 Event Details>
日期 Date : 18 March 2018 (Sunday)
地點 Venue : TTN
地址 Address :
1/F, Ocean One, No.6 Shung Shun Street, Yau Tong
油塘崇信街 6 號 Ocean One 1 樓
時間 Time : Door opens at 7:00pm
演出樂隊 Performing Band : SYNERGY
嘉賓樂隊 Guest Bands :

預售門票 Advance Ticket :
HK$180 (Ticket only) / HK$250 (CD included)

現場門票 Walk-in Ticket :


<現場周邊產品 Goods>
1) CD HK$100
2) T-Shirt HK$150
3) Vinyl(CD included) HK$500
4) Vinyl(CD included) + T-Shirt HK$600
5) Vinyl(CD included) + Walk-in Ticket HK$700
6) Vinyl(CD included) + T-Shirt + Walk-in Ticket HK$800
*限量 50 套黑膠唱片及 T-Shirt 只設現場發售*

*50 Limited Vinyl and T-Shirt only available at show*

<樂隊介紹 Bands Introduction>


Vocal: Bambi
Guitar: Davey
Guitar: Wolf
Bass: Manson
Drum: Howard


香港前衛金屬樂團 SYNERGY, 成立於 2012 年, 活躍參加香港各類型的音樂演出, 亦多次獲邀作國內知名樂團在香港演出的暖場嘉賓, 2013 年 7 月更有幸為北京知名樂團"軍械所"香港演唱會, 擔任暖場, 亦參加了加拿大 Envol et Macadam 舉辦的 PLANTROX 音樂比賽, 其單曲 "The First Filth" 的音樂錄像更得到網上投票的最高票數而入選, SYNERGY 各成員均喜愛不同的音樂類型, 亦追求創作和編曲上的創新, 希望利用多元化的編曲上令聽眾感覺到不一樣的張力和高低起落, 凝聚隊員中不同的思想和元素, 創作出比較獨特的重型音樂, 此亦是 SYNERGY 之名的由來!

2013 年
- 12 月擔演 "Head Phone President" 在香港和廣州的巡演暖場
2014 年
- 10 月更有幸擔任弘力樂器為 Jeff Loomis 和 Keith Merrow 所舉辦的 Schecter 吉它大師香港站的演出嘉賓樂隊
2015 年
- 5 月獲國內音樂組織"狂瀾"邀請, 在東莞 so what livehouse 舉辦首個專埸演出
- 6 月擔任中國金屬班霸"窒息"樂隊全國巡演香港站的開場嘉
- 11 月亦參與了廣州墓聲爬音樂祭, 和香港金屬樂隊招魂一起擔任嘉賓樂隊
- 12 月 9 號至 12 號舉辦國內南方巡演:
9 號珠海文青 live house
10 號東莞 sowhat livehouse
11 號肇慶雷尼酒吧
12 號廣州 SD Livehouse
2016 年
- 鼓手 Howard 加入, 把徧向更極端的金屬曲風和前衛原素融合, 呈現於觀眾眼前
2018 年
- 三月將會以雙黑膠和 CD 型式發行首張大碟 “LAIKA” 和舉辦唱片發佈演唱會。

Ever since they entered the Hong Kong local scene in 2012, Synergy lived up to their name by combining the best from the vibrant backgrounds of each member. Their unique blend of progressive death metal offers everything from the aggression of Necroticism/Heartwork era Carcass to the eclecticism of Opeth, being one-of-a-kind and something you could not find elsewhere.

Throughout the years they rose fast and became a fan favourite. The MV of The First Filth was elected one of the victors in world wide contest PLANETROX organized by Canada's Envol et Macadam festival, further proved their collaborative talent. After years of supporting renowned local and overseas bands in gigs and festivals of all scales all over China, they are finally becoming the star of their own by releasing their CD/double-vinyl debut LAIKA in early 2018.

《In Your Eyes》
《Dromos Home》



Vocal + Guitar: Sun
Guitar + Keyboard: Miu
Violin: Keto
Bass: Benson
Drum: Carlton


eli 由 2009 年組成至現在, 喜愛滿有節奏張力的英倫曲風, 另類搖滾, 電子搖滾樂, eli "Ever lasting illusion" 希望用音樂帶給人"永恆的幻像"去追尋夢想。

2013年與3隊香港出色的樂隊自資了一張合輯, "the surreal life"
2014年繼續帶著"the surreal life"的理念到中國及台北的the wall, 台中的浮現及墾丁的春天吶喊巡迴演出
2014年12月21日, 單曲sink 推出, 監制為香港著名音樂人: Cy Kong 及 Davy Chan
2015年eli 出過不同大小的performance, 2016 繼續為首張大碟籌備中!8/10/2016 eli獲邀為lmf 暖場嘉賓
2017年5月eli 首張大碟即將推出! 監制為香港著名音樂人: Cy Kong 及 Davy Chan

eli, founded in 2009, performs rhythmic music with tension varying from British, alternative to electronic rock. eli "Ever-lasting illusion" wishes to present you the infinite illusions during chasing after dreams with music.
2013 eli with 3 great local indie band release compliation "the surreal life"
We continued to perform with " the surreal life" concept and made our debut tour to mainland China, The wall( Taipei), Emerge (Taichung) and the Spring Scream Music Festival (Kening) in 2014.
2014/12/21, single “sink” released, produced by Cy Kong and Davy Chan
2015 eli performed many show at different place, 2016 eli continue to prepare there debut album.
2017 may eli release their debut album "everlasting illusion"

eli consists of Carlton(drum),miu(guitar), sun(vocal), Benson (bass)
Their sound is a contrast between shouting and gentle soft, Influences include especially Brit-rock, Alternative rock, electronic music, and among many another styles.
They believe in....only music




Vocal: 蟹
Lead Guitar: Michael
Guitar: Jovi
Guitar: Lui Lok
Bass: Sam
Drum: Tat


BlackWine 一行五人是現在香港少數的前衛金屬 (Progressive Metal)中堅份子,也是香港首隊以廣東話發行過唱片的Progressive Metal樂隊。自1998年成團以來,樂隊至今曾參與本地不勝其數的各類型大小演出,在2002年推出香港首張Progressive Metal唱片《追夢》後,同年舉行「BlackWine追夢音樂會」,將全張概念專輯以音樂結合影像方式於舞台完整演繹,獲樂迷一致讚賞。2008樂隊 成立十週年,第二作《影子》中《循環不息》一首長達二十分鐘,是香港樂隊的創舉,專輯經香港唯一重金屬音樂唱片公司Trinity Music Hong Kong發行後,再舉辦「BlackWine音樂篇之《影子》」影像音樂會,讓大家知道香港重金屬已經揭開新一頁。於2010年新主唱阿蟹的參與使BlackWine更完整,嬴來前所未有的好評。樂隊現在積極準備第三張新專輯的籌備工作。

* 輝煌成就: 香港band壇技術派精英,本地首隊發行過以廣東話唱片之前衛金屬樂隊
* 超越十年團史、豐富演出經驗,包括多次參與本地盛事「Rock On」,及台灣大型音樂祭「野台開
* 兩張概念專輯《追夢》及《影子》皆被完整搬上舞台演譯,創香港樂隊先河

The five members of BlackWine are rare Progressive Metal supporters and artist in Hong Kong. Assembled in 1998, BlackWine released their concept album debut, as well as the first Progressive Metal release in Hong Kong, “Chasing the Dream” 4 years later. In the same year the album was played in whole with visual footages on stage. After giving uncountable concerts in Hong Kong and overseas in several years, the sophomore concept album “The Shadow” was released in 2008 the band's tenth anniversary by Trinity Music Hong Kong. Another dramatic concert interpreting the whole album marked a new beginning of Hong Kong metal.

* Key Facts: The 1st one and only releasing Cantonese Album Progressive Metal band in Hong Kong
* Ten long years giving all members invaluable technical proficiency and live experience, including performing in local festivals Rock On and Formoz in Taiwan.
* Both concept albums "Chasing the Dream" and "The Shadow" were visualized completly on stage, an artistic breakthrough in local band scene


Hong Kong Metal Alliance
NOWED Records

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