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TRINITY Young Performer Certificate Preparation Course
204 Prince Edward Rd W, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
23 May 2018 8:00am
TRINITY Young Performer Certificate Preparation Course
23 May 2018 8:00am
Organized by Peek-a-boo Performing Arts
Workshop or Training Course Arts & Culture

The Young Performer's Certificates ( YPC ) are designed specially in order to develop and encourage confidence, enjoyment and achievement, of children up to the age of seven, through group interactions and performances. They promote the integration of performance skills to create stories, roles and situations through imaginative use of movement, music, and voice. They provide a child-centred introduction to performance skills, which will provide a sound foundation for future studies and examinations in speech, drama, musical theatre and music. The YPC will measure your child 's progress against an internationally applied standard in an enjoyable and non-threatening environment. A specialist examiner appointed and trained by Trinity Guildhall will give appraisal and guidance for future development. Candidates will  be able to build self-confidence and self-esteem and develop communication and memory skills. An internationally recognised certificate will be given to all candidates  as a record of their personal achievement.

Young Performer's Certificates(兒童戲劇證書)~由Trinity Guildhall 訓練及委任的考官為孩子評審與指導,考生會在快樂和輕鬆的環境下進行,以國際標準去評估孩子在演說,戲劇,音樂劇各方面的進展,給予專業的意見, 以提升考生的自信,表演技巧和溝通能力, 讓日後在音樂藝術領域上有更大發揮。
所有考生都會獲發一張國際認證書, 以作嘉許。

More Information about the TRINITY YPC:'s%20Certificates%20-%20Information%20Leaflet.pdf


Class Detail 課程細節

Age 年齡
3 - 6


Class Date 上日期

Every Sat 12-2


Location 地點

1/F, 204 Prince Edward, Hong Kong

太子道西204號 一樓


Exam Date 


# To Ensure Excellent Performance at the TRINITY Exam, student will have to attend at least 12 lessons before taking the exam

# 為確保考試成績,報考各級考試前必須上不少於12堂,才獲推薦參加考試。


Programme Fee 課程費用

Companion Offer 二人同行優惠 $1350/ 8 hours

General Admission 一般課程費用 $1600/ 8 hours

 * Special* Early Bird Discount- $300 off (per student) on first month programme fee if apply on or before 5th Feb

   Applicable to both General Admission and Companion Offer 


Contact Us 聯絡我們

1) Email:

2) Whatsapp or Phone Call: 61913092


For more information, check out our Facebook page 更多資訊請查閱

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Parents are welcomed to attend the final performance!



204 Prince Edward Rd W, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Wednesday 23 May 2018 8:00am  GMT+08:00
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