「不朽纯真」下午茶 Pure Eternity Afternoon Tea
19 New Market St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
2017 年 10 月 21 日 12:00pm - 8:00pm
「不朽纯真」下午茶 Pure Eternity Afternoon Tea
2017 年 10 月 21 日 12:00pm - 8:00pm
主办单位为DK Cuppa Tea
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[为您呈献一个纯真梦幻的下午茶 ($298 per person + 10%) Min 2 person
Here we sincerely present you a dreamlike and aromatic pure afternoon tea.

「不朽纯真」下午茶 Pure Eternity Afternoon Tea


The unicorn flies across the corner and the end of the sky, he comes to your heart passing through the cracksof your dream. He gazes at your outline and snuggled up to purity in your heat. The world is dangerous and the people are unpredictable. When you growing up slowly, you have learnt to disguise to protect yourself, hide every drop of tear in somewhere nobody knows. A lonely girl, a broken heart, you have already forgotten the purity that you have always owned. Now, surrounded in this fragrant and silent environment, please close your eyes, forget the time, and let the unicorn to get close to your heart, let him hold your hand and blow out the mist, letting the forgotten enthusiastic heart to appear again. You can travel to the beginning of the beginning, and let the hidden purity to show up again.
Just like the unicorn, you also belong to the sky. You always have a pure heart. Please let this moment to be eternal. Let’s enjoy the beautiful scene of the sea and the sky. Let’s listen to the graceful music of the wind and the rain. We wish that you can always keep the purity and the persistence in your heart, always feel the happiness, and have no fear to keep on your journey to the future, no matter what lies ahead.

世事纷扰令人意乱,DK Cuppa Tea为您创造了一片蔚蓝色的天空,先品尝一杯来自纽约,温暧你心
的 Soothing Love 薰衣草朱古力有机茶,有机棉花糖制作出粉红魔法云,呷一口花茶,既可放松,
Though the world is messy and confusing, DK Cuppa Tea has created a blue sky for you. You can firstly have a taste of our warming "Smoothing Love"; organic tea of lavender and chocolate from New York. The organic cotton candy is made into the shape of pink magic cloud. While drinking this flower tea, you can relax and enjoy every moment. Let the unicorn to accompany with you, recall your memories and bring you back to your pureness times, arousing in this way the purity and sincerity buried in your heart.

DK Cuppa Tea为您准备了五款精美的咸点包括:烟三文鱼馅饼丶柠檬香草肉丝馅饼丶香辣肉丝馅饼
DK Cuppa Tea has prepared five types of fine desserts, including: Smoke salmon tart, Lemongrass pork silk tart, Spicy pork silk tart,Cheese (Latvia) tart, Cheese susage roll. Please let your taste bud to be guided by our dreaming and delicious cuisine, and start a spiritual journey with us!

DK Cuppa Tea以传说中的独角兽为题的甜点定会使您着迷,红莓彩幻蛋糕丶独角兽奇迹曲奇丶缤纷独角兽马卡龙丶独角兽翻糖蛋白饼杯,彩色缤氛,带您置身於无暇纯洁之国度,感受梦幻之中的时刻。
You will be fond of the desserts presented by DK Cuppa Tea, which are inspired of the tale of the unicorn.
The colorful Raspberry mini cupcake, Unicorn cookie, Unicorn macaron, Fondant unicorn; Rasberry cake cup, will bring you into a pure and legend world, where you feeling a dreaming and fairy tale moment.
The unicorn flies up high and keeps his gaze upon the sky. When you open the mysterious box on which stands the unicorn, the smog will block the line of your sight, like the badness and evil of the world. But under the smog is a surprising Chocolate truffles from Latvia, just like the purity hidden beneath your heart. Through the taste bud to the soul, you can savor and feel it.


19 New Market St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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