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DCHK FHKI | Scale Customisation Thematic Workshops 量產客制化專題工作坊
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hung Hom, Hong Kong
30 June 2018 9:45am - 7:30pm
DCHK FHKI | Scale Customisation Thematic Workshops 量產客制化專題工作坊
30 June 2018 9:45am - 7:30pm
Organized by Design Council of Hong Kong
Workshop or Training Course Design & Innovation



Date 日期 | 30 June 2018 (星期六)

Time 時間 | Sharing Sessions 分享時段 | 10:00 - 12:30 (09:45 Registration 登記)

Workshop Sessions 工作坊時段 * | 13:30 -16:30 ; 16:30 - 19:30 (13:15 ; 16:15 Registration 登記)

#Languages 語言 | Morning Sharing Sessions上午分享時段 | English英語

Afternoon Workshop Sessions下午工作坊時段 | Cantonese粵語

#Simultaneous interpretation in English and Cantonese will be provided during the morning sharing sessions.
上午分享時段 將提供英語及粵語即時翻譯服務。


*To ensure the understanding and smooth running of the workshops, participants must attend and complete the morning Sharing Sessions to be eligible for the registration of the afternoon Workshop Sessions. Limited seats, first come first served.



Event Rundown | 活動流程 > Click HERE <


Thematic Workshop WS1 | New Business Models of Product-Service System
專題工作坊WS1 | 嶄新產品服務系統商業模式

Frederico Li 李景丰
Co-Founder | TALK Research and Innovation Management Company
共同創始人 | 拓途研究及創新管理公司

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With the inherent multiple facets of product-service systems (PSS), the traditional offering to design and evaluate product, service or system per se is no longer enough to meet the increasingly sophisticated market. The challenge is magnified when the PSS customisation is required within the new manufacturing revolution of Industry 4.0. A paradigm shift has been set in place to combine product, service and system all into one for added value – this is exactly what Fred Li’s workshop will walk you through.

Manufacturers and designers from the areas of Fashion & Apparel, Jewellery & Accessories, Eyewear, Watches, Shoes & Bags, etc. are especially welcome to bring one product / service / problem from your company to join us in WS1, where new business models may be discovered and selected works of collaborative ideation could be showcased at DesignInspire 2018 in December.

由於產品服務系統(PSS)自身內含眾多面向,傳統就產品、服務或系統的單一設計與評估已經不能滿足日益複雜的市場需求。 尤其當工業4.0的新一代製造業革新需要實行產品服務系統的客制化時,挑戰就更大了。產品、服務及系統三為一體所衍生的增值無疑已經正在轉移現有的產業模式— 這正是導師李景丰的工作坊即將帶你親身體驗的影響。

時裝及服裝、珠寶及配飾、眼鏡、手錶、鞋履及手袋等領域的製造商與設計師,我們特別歡迎你們帶同公司現有的一項產品 / 服務 / 問題加入專題工作坊WS1,共同開發嶄新的商業模式。指定參與者的協作成品將有機會於12月份的DesignInspire 2018上展出。


Sharing Session 分享時段 1
Mutualism Design: Industry 4.0 and Beyond
共生設計: 工業4.0及後

Beast Jiang 姜臻煒
Deputy General Manager & Creative Director | Artop Design Group Co., Ltd.
常務副總兼創意總監 | 浪尖設計集團有限公司

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Sharing Session 分享時段 2
Managing the Coming Disruption from Industrial IoT

Richard Mark Soley
Chairman & CEO | Object Management Group
Executive Director | Industrial Internet Consortium
主席兼首席執行官 | 對象管理組織(OMG)
行政總監 | 工業網際網路聯盟(IIC)​

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Sharing Session 分享時段 3
Customisation: Scaling Your Business the Smart Way
客制化: 智能技術助你擴大業務

Ugo Negretto
Managing Director | ENICMA GmbH
執行董事 | ENICMA GmbH

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Sharing Session 分享時段 4
The Role of Retail and Customer Needs

Cheryl Gilbert 勞思逸
General Manager | The Dairy Farm Company, Limited - IKEA
總經理 | 牛奶有限公司 - 宜家家居

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Event rundown | 活動流程
The time and content of the event are subject to change without prior notice. Please visit the official website or Facebook Page of Design Council of Hong Kong for updated details. 活動時間及内容如有任何更改,恕不另行通知。更新詳情請瀏覽香港設計委員會官方網站或Facebook Page。
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hung Hom, Hong Kong
Saturday 30 June 2018 9:45am - 7:30pm  GMT+08:00
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