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sukekiyo 二〇一八年公演「嬲り地獄」
Music Zone, 1 Trademart Dr, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
24 February 2018 8:00pm - 11:00pm
sukekiyo 二〇一八年公演「嬲り地獄」
24 February 2018 8:00pm - 11:00pm
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sukekiyo 二〇一八年公演「嬲り地獄」
時間:19:00 進場/20:00 開演
會場:九龍灣國際會議展覽中心MUSIC ZONE
票價:預售 HKD$580/即日 HKD$680(全站席、按購票先後編排門票序號入場)
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1. 是次演出場上嚴禁攝影、錄影、錄音,亦必須關掉所有會發聲或有光源的裝置。
2. 為免對演出造成任何影響,觀眾進場前必須交出手機予主辦方保管方可進場。
3. 演出一旦開演後嚴禁出入會場。遲到者無法進場,終演前亦不可離開會場。萬一中途感到身體不適,請向附近工作人員求助。
4. 若觀眾因違反以上規定而導致無法入場,責任自負。

sukekiyo以DIR EN GREY主唱京的個人活動為原點,團名寓意「實體不明」,一如其變幻難測、無以名狀的音樂性。揉合暗潮、金屬、以至和式音樂元素,兼具細膩的勾勒與暴戾的張狂,以極端的視覺呈現黑暗扭曲的世界觀。





sukekiyo 二〇一八年公演「嬲り地獄」
Date: February 24 (Sat), 2018
Time: OPEN 19:00/START 20:00
Ticket Price: Advance HKD$580/Walk-in HKD$680 (All Standing. Admission number assigned by purchase sequence)
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【Special Notice】
1. Unauthorized photos, video/sound recordings are strictly prohibited. All light or sound remitting devices must be switched off during the show.
2. To avoid any interruption of the show, audiences are required to have their mobile phones kept by the organizer before entrance.
3. Audiences are not allowed to enter or leave the venue after the show starts. Late comers will not be admitted to the venue. Leaving before the show finishes is also prohibited. If you feel unwell during the show, please contact any of our venue staff for assistance.
4. Audiences who fail to keep the above rules will be denied for the show. No compensation will be provided to such audience.

【About sukekiyo】
sukekiyo is originated from DIR EN GREY’s vocalist Kyo’s solo project, which the band’s name means “unidentified”. Just as its name implies, sukekiyo’s music is yet to be defined and full of experiments. The band blends in elements from dark wave, metal, Japanese music to create pieces that are sophisticated and violent. With its extreme visual presentation, audiences are invited to enter their dark and distorted world.

The band consists of 5 members since 2013, with Kyo as the center and other extraordinarily talented members including guitarist/pianist Takumi, guitarist Uta, bassist Yuchi and drummer Mika. Together, the band has produced 5 studio albums “IMMORTALS”, “VITIUM”, “ANIMA”, “MUTANTS” and “ADORATIO”.

sukekiyo will perform for the first time in Hong Kong in February 2018. Be ready to embrace the impacts sukekiyo will bring you through various sounds and visuals!

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Music Zone, 1 Trademart Dr, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Saturday 24 February 2018 8:00pm - 11:00pm  GMT+08:00